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Compass Blog

2014/08/15 Compass 1.0 is Released!

Better late than never.

2013/11/27 Compass Versioning Change

Compass follows semantic versioning now. Chris shakes off his fear of releasing imperfect software.

2012/05/20 Removing Blueprint from Compass in 0.13

Blueprint will be extracted to a plugin

2012/02/01 Compass v0.12 is Released

Compass 0.12: Flexible Sprites, Rails Integration

2012/01/29 Compass/Rails Integration in v0.12

Starting in Compass v0.12 compass's rails integration is done via a new project called compass-rails.

2011/05/09 How to use Compass/Sass with Django.

All the documentation is for Ruby/Rails development, so how does it work for the rest of us?

2011/04/26 Compass Release Strategy

An overview of how Compass will be managing ongoing releases.

2011/04/24 Compass v0.11 is Released!

Months in the making, Compass v0.11 continues to revolutionize CSS Frameworks.