Version: 1.1.alpha.0

Compass v0.12 is Released

By Chris Eppstein

Compass 0.12 is out! Install it now:

$ (sudo) gem install compass

This release is primarily to support the Rails Asset Pipeline which required major changes to the Compass internals. If you use rails with Compass please read the blog post about the new compass-rails gem.

In addition to the rails improvements this release contains many updates to Compass Sprites:

Additionally there are many new CSS3 improvements, bug fixes, and other small enhancements that you can read about in the CHANGELOG.

What's next for Compass? First, we've added Anthony Short to the team and we're really excited to see him come make our stylesheets even more awesome. The Sass 3.2 release is coming soon and the 0.13 release of compass will take advantage of the great features that it offers. Additionally, we're working on an extension registry where you can post your compass extensions and discover new ones. Lastly, we'll be extracting blueprint to a compass extension as that project seems to have stagnated. I'd say we're getting pretty close to a 1.0 release!