Version: 1.1.alpha.0

I'm scared to upgrade.

Why? Don't ya trust me? I won't break your stylesheets. Cross my heart. All those 200+ github issues were feature requests. Honest. But you know, they might change a little. Probably not in any meaningful way. Like a default that used to be specified in the output might be omitted because it's the browser default anyway.

Trust but verify.

But you should probably keep me on my toes. Follow these simple steps to see what changed to your stylesheets:

(Steps beginning with a $ are command line commands. Don't type the $.)

  1. $ cd my_compass_project
  2. $ compass compile --force
  3. $ cp -r stylesheets stylesheets.backup
  4. $ gem install compass # you might need to type sudo first if you're on mac or linux.
  5. $ compass compile --force
  6. Take note of any deprecation warnings printed in red during the compile.
  7. If you have textmate and installed the mate command line tool:
    $ diff -r stylesheets.backup stylesheets | mate
  8. If you have not installed the mate tool:
    $ sudo ln -s /Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/mate /usr/local/bin/mate Then perform step 7.
  9. If you do not have Textmate, run the diff command like so: $ diff -y -r stylesheets.backup stylesheets | less
  10. Scroll or use your arrow keys to review the differences between the files.
  11. If you're satisfied: $ git commit -a -m "Upgraded compass"
  12. If you're scared again:
    1. Don't panic.
    2. Read the CHANGELOG and see if the changes are explained there.
    3. Send an email to the mailing list explaining the problem and providing enough context like snippets from your diff and the relevant snippets of your sass/scss files. In rare cases we might request that you construct a simple compass project that exhibits the issue and make an archive of it and send us an email with it attached.
    4. If it's pretty obviously a bug. Please file an issue on github. If you're experiencing a crash, please run the command with the --trace option and record the output for diagnostic purposes.
    5. $ sudo gem uninstall compass Select the newest version of compass. You have now downgraded to the old version of compass.
    6. $ compass compile --force
    7. Diff the folders as in steps 7 through 9.
  13. Breathe a sigh of relief.