Version: 1.1.alpha.0
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Compass Font Face

Provides a mixin to support @font-face. See CSS3 spec: @font-face.

This file can be imported using: @import "compass/css3/font-face"


Compass Font Face Example
How to use the @font-face mixin


  1. Browser Support – Provides configuration options for the Compass Browser Support Matrix.


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=font-face($name, $font-files, $eot: false, $weight: false, $style: false)
  $iefont: unquote("#{$eot}?#iefix")
    font-family: quote($name)
    @if $eot
      src: font-url($eot)
      $font-files: font-url($iefont) unquote("format('embedded-opentype')"), $font-files
    src: $font-files
    @if $weight
      font-weight: $weight
    @if $style
      font-style: $style
@mixin font-face($name, $font-files, $eot: false, $weight: false, $style: false) {
  $iefont: unquote("#{$eot}?#iefix");
  @font-face {
    font-family: quote($name);
    @if $eot {
      src: font-url($eot);
      $font-files: font-url($iefont) unquote("format('embedded-opentype')"), $font-files;
    src: $font-files;
    @if $weight {
      font-weight: $weight;
    @if $style {
      font-style: $style;

Cross-browser support for @font-face. Supports IE, Gecko, Webkit, Opera.

  • $name is required, arbitrary, and what you will use in font stacks.
  • $font-files is required using font-files('relative/location', 'format'). for best results use this order: woff, opentype/truetype, svg
  • $eot is required by IE, and is a relative location of the eot file.
  • $weight shows if the font is bold, defaults to normal
  • $style defaults to normal, might be also italic
  • For android 2.2 Compatiblity, please ensure that your web page has a meta viewport tag.
  • To support iOS < 4.2, an SVG file must be provided

If you need to generate other formats check out the Font Squirrel font generator

In order to refer to a specific style of the font in your stylesheets as e.g. "font-style: italic;", you may add a couple of @font-face includes containing the respective font files for each style and specying respective the $style parameter. Order of the includes matters, and it is: normal, bold, italic, bold+italic.